Shorten Store Links Using Shopify Url Shortener

Quick Question – Which one of these Shopify URLs 🔗 is better? 


Obviously, the second one, without a doubt.

Shopify URL Shortener – Why do You Need One?

You can use short URLs to improve your marketing efforts and provide a better experience for your customers and social media followers.

By the way, do you like knowing how many people click on your links? 🔍

And were those visitors live, as well as where those clicks came from? Because Shopify URL Shortener can give you all of that information and more 📈

Bottom line: Short URLs are better.

And you don’t need any third-party URL shorteners like bitly etc. because you can create custom short URLs with your own domain!

How cool is that 😎

So, stop wasting time with long, boring URLs and shorten your URLs today with our Shopify Link Shortener app for Shopify (FREE)